Breaking News – Gwen Stefani holidays in Dubai ahead of singing gig there

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She has played concerts all over the world.But when Gwen Stefani traveled to the Emirate of Dubai to play a concert at the opening of a new hotel there Monday, she made sure she had free time before.Gwen, 48, posted an Instagram photo Sunday of herself in the desert with her hair and most of her face covered up, shielding herself from the dust.Her eyes were visible, and her irises appeared red – though it was unclear whether this was the result of the camera, a filter or contact lenses.She captioned: ‘#dubai @renhotels #adventure #culture,’ adding emoji of a heart and of a camel before closing out: ‘#desert gx’.There were, indeed, sands that could be seen stretching out behind her.Next she posted a picture of herself with her face uncovered, gazing at a falcon that she had allowed to perch on her wrist.’Wow can’t believe I had such an incredible time here in Dubai thank you so much to Cleatus, The hotels amazing navigator- Who set up some incredible local experiences today -performing tomorrow night at the grand opening of renaissance Dubai thank you so much @renhotels gx #travelingmakesyourheartgrow #culture #grateful #music’ she wrote in her caption.Gwen’s Instagram Story showed her escapades around town, including a visit to Tola Perfumery at Villa 515.The songstress was shown some of the wares available in bottles. Filming one of the containers, she cooed: ‘I love you, little smell!’She’s also filmed herself in a car, the view of the Emirati trees outside whizzing by as she listened to a bit of music.It appeared she wanted a reminder of America, as she was playing country singer Chris Stapleton’s new record A Simple Song.Sitting in the car after it had stopped, she said: ‘Okay, n ow  we’re in the desert, and we’re gonna go on a little tour.’The wind whipped her blonde hair around as she stepped out onto the sand.A man proffered her a choice of two head coverings to wear.One of them was black – and was the one she had posted to her regular Instagram page – and the other was a red and white ghutrah.The man informed her that the black one was ‘for the ladies’ whereas ‘red is for the boys,’ and Gwen decided on the black.In video, she showed herself having the black cloth wrapped around her head and face, informing her audience via caption that this was ‘For the dust.’Thus accoutered, she and a group of other travelers, including her hairstylist Danilo – as well as their guides – clambered into a couple of Land Rovers and set off into the sands.They went ‘to see a falcon show,’ Gwen explained, ‘and I love birds.’She offered her Instagram following a glimpse at the spellbinding animals – both perched and airborne – durign the ‘show.”You see that pretty bird?’ she said, showing the camera a falcon as it sat on her arm.Come nightfall, she showed off the luxuriant desert tent they would be dining in, with tables set up for the purpose.’We’re in the desert still, at night. There’s Danilo,’ she said, turning the camera to show her hairstylist Danilo si
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