Como utilizar un SHEMAGH. #comunidadmexicosalvaje Video tutorial de 4 configuraciones básicas para utilizar un shemagh en el monte y sacarle buen partido de protección para cuello, cara y cabeza. COMUNIDAD MÉXICO SALVAJE Armas de fuego a 360 – Supervivencia y Bushcraft Mexico – CHEMA AL AIRE LIBRE – Monterrey Prepper’s – Cazador de conciencia – Supervivencia México – Camino al Sur 4X4 – ER Outdoors – Doble O Knives – Aventura Salvaje – Mexicanamericanprepper – Forest Warrior – Oscar el Nahuatl – Cazador Urbano –
3 façons de plier votre shemagh pour le transformer en objet très utile lors de vos sortie nature.
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1- Neck Lace. 2- Neck Lace 2 podendo virar Bandit em caso de muito frio. 3- Neck Lace 3, Sem amarração, também podendo virar Bandit em caso de muito frio. 4- Tipóia. 5- Bolsa, podendo amarrar na cintura também. Obs: Os pássaros cantando ao fundo estão soltos na natureza. Um privilégio que tenho aqui.
Full Article: Coach Helder demonstrates some of his uses for a shemagh and why he always has one in his travel go bag.
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#Shemagh #Keffiyeh The reason for this video is, well some of us like to look good and some of us like really nice soft fabric from other parts of the world. The clothing also makes the photographer if you believe that or not. I’d like the fact that my Muslim background is part of me and then I also have that fashion sense from my days in Japan as a kid until now. These are some of the best shemagh or Keffiyeh that you can find on Amazon. The two I have in the video are made the same but [More]
En este video tomo la oportunidad de hablar del Shemah, sus diferentes usos y configuraciones aplicadas a la supervivencia. #Shemagh #Survival #Preppers #Bushcraft
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