Diego Maradona wearing a Palestine scarf and cheering “VIVA PALESTINA!”

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Diego Armando Maradona, wearing a Palestinian scarf and cheer Viva Palestine

After finishing the cycle of training with Al Wasl UAE, out coach, the legendary Argentine player Diego Maradona of the stadium, where he was waiting, as usual, a number of fans of fans between. Among some of these young Palestinians who approached one of Maradona’s pregnant Palestinian scarf and said, “This is for you.” Showed Maradona at first surprise has smile on his lips a smile spontaneously, and then hugged the young man said to the camera “viva Palestina” any Long live Palestine, and then stop was Toshh kuffiya Palestine to monitor the cameras image for a moment, described by some enthusiasts of Diego Maradona as historic.

And was immediately published the video of this shot on Al Wasl UAE, and we heard it to many Web sites and widespread.

Often describe the media Diego Maradona Balisari, for the good relations that it formed the leaders of world-class representing this trend Kalzeim Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in addition to expressing repeatedly expressed his desire to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who through the turn, his desire to honor a champion of the world Argentine coach of his country.
Was Diego Maradona, the first international player holds the World Cup announced his support for the Palestinians, as it was preceded by goalkeeper Fabien Barthez, refusing in 2005 to play against the Israeli national team, expressing his position at a news conference the eve of the team “turkeys” to Tel Aviv, and pointing so that it is a reflection of protest “against Israel’s policy towards the Palestinian people.”

Barthez then pointed out that this position does not stem from that of a football player as much as it is an expression of his cap, wondering how someone wants to play in Israel after watching “All this suffering,” adding, “I do not like this at all.”

Not only support the Palestinians by athletes in individual or Bakhraly actions, has taken a collective character, in some cases. For example, gave the Italian team for the soccer world champion in 1982, Cup, World Cup of the Embassy of Palestine in Rome for a week, in a gesture of support from players and moderators of the “Squadra Otzra” of the Palestinian people who suffered in the same year the Israeli aggression in Lebanon.

Some believe that Diego Maradona had responded to its disposal on this Abeniaman Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. During the visit President of Brazil in March / March 2010 to Israel, and sent to Luis Inacio Lula da Silva invited to visit the Knesset, where he gave Netanyahu in front of the word praised Brazil and Brazilians, it is stated that whenever he heard someone say, “Maradona,” it is always “Pele.”

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