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I was asked many times to make a video on this so finally i made it! hope you enjoy it!

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Minecraft Guide says:

bro Zubair im emarati and this si not how to wear ghatra

fuller mouseii says:

Is this for winter or summer

OMAR says:

Zubair Zarookh ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Philosopher MMA says:

Why don’t the Saudis wear Turbans ?

Ludwig Van Beethoven says:

Salah tutorial



Mediocre vlogs says:

Bro why u don't keep the black ring

Bones Doonny says:

How to be emarati:
1: wear kandora
2: wear ghitra
3: put oud on your kandora
4: when someone speaks to you say: “aiwa na’am na’am”
If your a foreigner say aiwa yes yes
5: Listen to sheylat

nandhini raghav says:

If u want to look like arab the easy way is
wear a traditional cap like the people of Oman instead of tieing a ghutra

Nanees Elsakka says:

I was the 999th like

Arabian Nightmare says:

Thanks for it

Nasreen Begum says:

Hello guys zubair is the best we will make him to 10 million or more subscribers pls pls do it

Let's go DIY says:

Will an head cap also work

Syed Muhammad Dawood Sulaiman says:

I am in saudia this uae style is more near to (imamah) which is sunnah

nas3 er says:

وين القحفية

Muhammad Fayyaz says:

Thanks bro u realy helped me

M Waseem Arfi says:

I know this walla i knew this from before when i went to umrah i did this i know this!!

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