Fashion: How to Tie a Keffiyeh Shemagh Middle Eastern head scarf

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Fashion How To: how to tie a Keffiyeh or Shemagh

While traveling Palestine Cris Cyborg visits a Souk to pick up a new Keffiyeh also known as a Shemagh or Middle Eastern scarf


GregoryTheGr8ster says:

I think that you should tie the head scarf so tight that it makes your brain hurt. That would be cool!

rohit tewatia says:

We love you beautiful

Lexicon says:

Are you KIDDING me? The Kuffiyah is ARAB- we wear it to show our solidarity with the PALESTINIAN people in the face of Israeli Zionist occupation. Israel steals everything because they have no culture of their own, pathetic,

Liam Nek says:

Cris is soo gorgeous

Андрей Ли says:

Olá querida menina brasileira. Estou escrevendo para você da Transbaikalia. Como você mora lá? Eu quero casar com você, mas você tem que conhecer.

New England Python says:

ISRAEL did 9/11

J J says:

Cris…..Always remember …You.Are.Amazing

lavallee45 says:

Classy woman

monge yang monge yang says:


Anna Anna says:

FIM DE CARREIRA TRISTE. Ex lutadora de alto nivel agora fica postando essas essas besteirinhas sem graça.

monge yang monge yang says:

CRIS voçe e linda e muito simpática parabéns ganhou meu coraçao.

philippe verneris says:

Under the scarf that she wears, you can see the light shining from her heart: she loves (every kind of) people and there is no other fighter like her…

jerzcnate says:

Cris, you are such a jewel your star just shines brighter and brighter

Jussell Jacome says:


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