France: Thousands rally against Israel at pro-Palestine protest in Paris

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Video ID: 20140723-049

M/S A protester with a Palestine scarf
W/S Protesters
SOT, Protester (in French): “Hollande, you’re a terrorist! What is the difference between you and Bin Laden? No difference! Only that you have a suit and tie [and] that you took the Champs Elysee, and Bin Laden has a scarf! That’s all – this is simple.”
W/S Protesters with large Palestinian flag
M/S Protester shooting in French: “Death to Zionists, death to Zionists, death to Israel, death to Israel.”
M/S Sign depicting Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu with Hitler mustache
W/S Banner reading in English: “Boycott Israel”
M/S Protesters
W/S Protesters
M/S Protesters with Algerian flags
W/S Protester with Guy Fawkes mask and sign reading in French: “Gaza, my love. From Gaza to Palestine, solidarity.”
W/S Protester with Palestinian flag
SOT, Pro-Palestinian Jewish protester (in French): “And when we saw Hollande, as he said: ‘I will sing for Israel.’ He said in front of Netanyahu, it was ridiculous. Now he dances for Israel, except that once, as well he really misses all he does, it’s the fact that this war is lost for Israel, at the cost of immense suffering. Israel lost this war and history is entering a new phase.”
M/S Protesters and police
W/S Police
W/S Protesters
M/S Police
W/S Protester with Palestinian and French flags
W/S Protesters with the Eiffel Tower in background


Around 14,500 people took to the streets of Paris Wednesday, condemning ongoing Israeli military operations in Gaza. The protest was allowed by police and government officials, after previous demonstrations had been banned.

Protesters with Palestinian flags and various signs called for an end to Israeli military operations. Some criticized French president Francois Hollande’s support for Israel, saying that “he dances for Israel”

Organisers claimed some 25,000 people were at the demonstration.

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