How to: Tie a Shemagh Around Your Neck

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A short tutorial video on how to tie a Shemagh around your neck and head/face military style. If you enjoyed this video please rate, comment, and/or subscribe and I will be sure to make more.

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The Shemagh is probably one of the most useful piece of equipment a soldier can have. A Shemagh is a square cotton cloth. It comes in a variety of color combinations (red/white – black/white – maroon/white – green/white – blue/white, etc.) – the more dominant color is sewn or woven into the cloth in a pattern. When used correctly, as originally intended – a head wrap, the Shemagh is surprisingly comfortable. But it also have several other uses.

The Shemagh is a traditional head wrap originating from the Middle East/Arabic culture developed from the Arabic turban – and have been used by them for centuries. Now days it’s perhaps publicly best know as used by the Palestinians in Israel. To the western world and – in military use – the British SAS (Special Air Service) discovered the Shemaghs potential when operating in northern Africa’s deserts during the WW2. It has been a popular and valuable piece of the SAS soldiers equipment ever since and have spread from there



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