How To Tie a Shemagh – Tactical Scarf – Cotton Bandana – Wild Rags – 20 Uses When Riding a Horse

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I show a few ways to tie and use a Square Cotton Scarf also called a Bandana, a Shemagh, Tactical Scarf, Keffiyeh or head scarf. These are very handy for keeping sand, wind, sun, cold and bugs off your head, neck, face and neck. They are cheap, effective, useful and a must when you are out in the bush, camping, fishing, horse back riding, hunting, tactical training or shooting. I said 42 by 42 in video, I think they come in 44 by 44, which is bigger and easier to tie.

Here is a link to where I talk about the silk Wild rags and Cowboy Bandana:

*Buckaroo Knot – 4 Square Knot – Wild Rags Neckerchief Cowboy Bandana


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