How To Tie COBRA style Arabic Shemagh with Agal Tie Arabian GHUTRA Men's Tutorial | Amaan Ullah

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Assalam O Alikum
In this ideo I am gonna show you that how can you tie Beautiful Shemagh with suing Agal in Cobra Look

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Amaan Ullah says:

Thanks for being here Love you all share if you like

Akeel Khan says:

Where to buy that Agal????

zehenmalik LIfeSTyle says:

amazing video mera bhai

Ricardo Paula says:

Top baby amei

happy khan says:

Please make a video on Arabian dressup thobe

ayub abdul says:

Ramadan mubarak

ayub abdul says:


Majid shah Tutorials says:

MashaAllah ❤️❤️❤️

Anees Khan says:

Bohat hi acha Bandha hai apne cobra style shemagh and this video I will share with my beloved ❤️ one

Sahir Meo says:

Thumbnail Acha nHI Lg rha hai plz Change thumbnail Pick click Front of view make thumbnail

bfx editing says:

This so amazing yaar nice…

usama jameel says:

I am bored official

Mohammad Shadab says:

Shubhaan Allah Bhai ❤

Mohammad Furkhan says:

Single And simple attractive style ma try Karo na bro

Mr Pilot Technical says:

37 viewer and second comment tar

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