How to Tie Qatar & Dubai style headscarf Shemagh (Rumal) with Agal (Balck Ring of head | Amaan Ullah

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Assalam Walikum
in this tutorial I am showing that how to tie Arabic head scarf like Omber Borkan back wrap technique so watch and if you try this send me your pic on my Instagram link is down below
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Suresh Kumar says:

My god i want come ur country i like aall arabic love u aall

7136 princess says:

Pleas es dress ko bnany ki ful video post kary pleas

Majjs Mamaysi says:

We shuld use music its haram

023_shahriar kabir says:

Do not use music in background. nice video.

swayam swayam says:

From where I can get this black ring?

Terrace garden says:

From where can I buy head black ring I want it. Or how to make it at home plz share a video on it.

Fishy says:

That’s not how you wear it…..

Emon Kazi says:

Please set holy tune

Emon Kazi says:

Please set holy tune

Adi Ibrahim says:

Memang dasar nya orang nya ganteng jadibpakebapa aja tetep ganteng

Yusuf K says:

انتة من وين؟

nasrin santa says:

Aman you are very fool… সুয়োদি আরাবি পাগিড় এরাকম প্রল(

Jorge Laiguera says:

Perfecto , voy a hacerme un traje arabe ahora mismo .

Fatc Membar Membar says:

Sir Your bhakc price

Sanchita Biswas says:

Nasi vara dao

S lion says:

انگریز چلے گئے مگر اپنی باقیات چھوڑ گئے

Mohd Shadab says:



devpatel_ official says:

BHAI purchase kaha se kare

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