How to tie shemagh on face | 3 Styles of Shemagh tying On Face | Style No# 1,2,3

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How to tie a Shemagh as a face wrap
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how to tie the arabic scarf, shemag, ghotra or hamdaneya, the UAE bedouin style.
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Nicholas Gebben says:

Using #3 daily now. Great vid!

Pragyan Dube says:

I like second one

Frans Langendonk says:

Brother, I love watching your instructional Shemagh videos. Excellent production, you're a handsome model. Great beard!

Salaam, Shalom, Peace.
Ahanda Allah!

Chris Hanline says:

Like if you're here because of the virus.

MrPalaad says:

excellent Shalom

Victor Solorio says:

Wow!!!!! Saludos desde la Gran Tenochtitlan!!! CDMX Victor y Paty.

Mike says:

Poor video. We can’t see him tie behind his head.

Bano Esparza says:

Thanks, brother.

Chris Oly says:

Daesh Fashion TV

Adam E. says:

What happens behind the neck when tying: magic.

Spreadswings says:

Very cool my friend. Concise, to the point, and effective.

Salman Darachai says:

Assalammualaikum. Please tell me the name of each style. Thank you.

goatheadone says:

I like the hat in the last one, what’s it called?

ecommerce Smart says:

This is my favorite Palestesainain Scarf. The company inspired the color from the Mediterranean Sea –>

Mohd Asim says:

Verry nyc vedio

MaHnaz NOori says:


Zach Van Harris JR says:

As-salaam-alaikum Ramadan Mubarak brother, Peace and one love ✌❤

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