How to wear a Keffiyeh by Jewlicious!

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A Keffiyeh is a traditional headdress worn by Arab men. But what’s with this Jewish Keffiyeh? Keep in mind that the designation “Arab” is an ethnicity and not a religion. While most Arabs are Muslim, many are also Christian and even Jewish! In fact most Jewish Israelis are of Arab descent – their parents and grandparents were expelled without compensation from Muslim countries in the late 50s. Like my parents! Though they “left” Morocco in 1956, their mother tongue remains Arabic. We eat Arabic food, listen to Arabic music and even look like Arabs. So if we want to wear Keffiyehs, we will! This Jew inspired Keffiyeh can be purchased from !

Read about Iranian oppression of Arabs Ahzawis here: Some were even arrested for wearing Keffiyahs!


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