How to wear a Shemagh Keffiyeh Middle Eastern Scarf For Men and Woman

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In our travels in Jordan we met this friendly souvenir salesguy who showed us how to properly wear the famous middle eastern scarf Shemagh / Keffiyeh

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Prensa por la verdad says:

The next time you go to Jordan, you can visit the Black Desert. The most interesting part is located in the Governorate of Mafraq. There are very interesting ruins and geoglyphs there, dated 8,500 years old. They can only be seen from satellites from the outer space and high altitudes (planes, drones and helicopters) and they are awesome as the lines of Nazca in Peru. Archaeologists don't exactly know nowadays what they represent. These ruins really represent embryos of several species in different stages of development and will be able to shed light on the origin of the human being and our planet. When it will be officially confirmed by biologists, this discovery will change the way we see ourselves and the world, they will constitute a destination number one and be a delight for the eyes. 10 minutes video with translation: and a summary with nice pictures:

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