I'm Back! Why I'm Rocking a Shemagh & Other Life Updates | Eric Bandholz

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Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that helps men Keep on Growing by providing education and tools to invest in themselves. We’ve found that confidence starts with self investment, and allows men to do great things for their families, co-workers, and community. Our Beardbrand Alliance channel echos the core mission of Beardbrand: “To make men awesome.” Here, Eric Bandholz, Carlos Costa, Greg Berzinsky, and Ben Wilson host two different types of videos:

1. Grooming Videos – Advice about hair, beards, and everything in between to get your style looking awesome.
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Jeremy Brown says:

Glad you’re having fun with it. Great comic relief!

Matthew Moore Cichlids says:

Great idea for cover. I work on farms and it helps. Happy for you and your family Dude.

Billy the Beard says:

Welcome back, Eric.

Ihab Tayeh says:

you pronounce it almost right (IT'S CALLED KOOFFIYEH) It's one of the symbols (maybe the major one ) of the Palestinian's struggle for freedom (especially the white & black one )
AND YOU'RE ROCKING IT & and congrats for the baby may God protect all of you and bless you with long happy life

Qwerty Uiop says:

Of course we missed you Eric, we love you <3!!

Now give me free products.

Charles Pritt says:

The quest for the new normal has begun. Strange times. Now I know where Cam Newton got his tips! Welcome back Eric!

Michael Lewis says:

Has the baby grown a beard yet?

Myfon says:

Yo Eric, imo that's your best look ever! Beard looks sick, perfect length for you.

Anwar Hussain says:

I'm a 16 year old south asian with a beard and bushy eyebrows.
When I wear the keffiyeh people think I'm a terrorist

L. G. says:

I really liked the vibe of this Video. Thumbs up!

Klaus Oberwinkler says:

Question : still no selling to europe yet? Any plans to do it again in future.
Keep on growing…

L. G. says:

Oh yeah, now I get the Ewan McGregor reference from Instagram. In other words, YOU LOOK SO GOOD MAN

Lou Keller says:

Congratulations on the new baby Eric. Great video. Love the length of your beard, looks awesome.

Leonardo De Marco says:

Eric !! You are looking great !!! Your hair and beard length are really good !!

Kurt Kennedy says:

Thanks for the videos. Love watching them. Will be looking at getting some of your product, as I'm looking for quality product for my face, as past products still leave the face itchy under the beard/goatee.

Vonz says:

Welcome back. Best Wishes to you and your family. Thank You for your style of video.

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