ISRAEL: Escalating tension following murder of Palestinian youth

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ISRAEL: East Jerusalem: Shuafat:
Man along in Palestinian neighbourhood
Mourning tent being set up outside house of family of Mohammed Abu Khadeir (16-year-old Palestinian murder victim)
Men sitting under tent
Hassan Abu Khadeir (Father) hugging man
Palestinian flag being put on tent
Low angle view of man attaching Palestinian flag to tent

Hassan Abu Khadeir (Father) interview SOT (translated)
– I blame the Israeli government and the settlers, but mostly the government because they are the ones who are responsible for security / there are also cameras on the shops on the street, they filmed how my son was kidnapped

Young man sitting on wall
Buildings in residential area
Wide shot of buildings (Jewish settlement)

Reporter to camera

Group of Palestinian women sitting, waiting for funeral
Women sitting

Rifka abu Khadeir (Relative) interview SOT (translated)
– Now they are surrounding us from all sides / my grandson is in my house, when he goes out, I pray that he will come back / I’m afraid of the Jewish people

Damaged tram stop (trashed by young Palestinians so Jewish settlers don’t travel through their area)
Graffiti on tram stop
Boy looking at debris on ground
Damaged tram stop
Debris on ground
Rubble on ground and men in street
Graffiti on wall
Debris on ground
Men along past skip

Mohsen abu Khadeir (Relative) interview SOT
– This neighbourhood it’s very peaceful, we’ve never had any problems with anybody / it’s like the same incident happen just a day before with another kid that they tried to kidnap him from his mother, so it’s like 150 per cent that settlers who did that

Obscured shot of Israeli police officers along
Palestinians along
Young men in street – fires burning in background
Man putting up Palestinian flag
Boy (with face covered by scarf) holding Palestinian flags


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