Israel-Palestine violence: another day of terror

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Three Israelis have been killed and more than 20 wounded in shootings and knife attacks on what Palestinian groups have declared a “Day of Rage”. .
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Tala K says:

Well if you don’t want this ,you can get out of their country that you occupied 72 years ago and called it israel

فريدي كروجر says:

Thanks, West.

Redfong [RF-0806] TYTC ETYP The Fireball says:

this is why i hate Palestine

Muhammad Umair says:

Soon allah listen the voice of Palestinian people

Jacob L says:

The Israel project is one of the worse projects ever. It's taken decades and we still haven't got a 2 state solution. It'll be another 10 or 20 years until these people live in peace

Its like brining certain animals together and saying "get along" but they just kill each other.

hazealnut's says:

good luck to you and all the people of Palestine, Indonesia always pray for you Palestine

Sapir Zohar says:

The world don’t get how is like to have a terrorists neighbors.

son of the sun says:

They gets what they deserve.
They steel the land of Palestinians, day by day. So I'm not wondering if this is happen to them.

ilirjan zhiti says:

Sllavic israel are racial criminal vith palestinian pipell

ilirjan zhiti says:

Palestinian are waite more dhen franc italian pipell blu ays blond cildren palestin ,bat land invazion palestin from sllavic israel

ilirjan zhiti says:

Aperteid palestinian pipell from nazi sllavic israeli

anti hypocrites says:

Soon in the european union the like falestinian,sweden open the border

Judah Schwartz says:

How dumb do you have to be to think ramming your car into an elderly man is “self defense”

Daniel Swatske says:

Communist Democrats in America will take the sides of the terrorist

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