Israeli policeman filmed kicking Palestinian boy in Hebron

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An Israeli rights group catches Israeli border police using violence against a Palestinian child in Hebron.


Ludwik VII says:

Free Palestina

Sultan Pascha says:

We will not forget , We will not forgive , We are turkey.

Bruce Wayne says:

Welcome to ISraHell

pandu dhir says:

Arabs r liers…


These animals will pay for their evil deeds.

Danie Roos says:

What's wrong with that soldier?? .. Only ONE kick? …

وسام خالد says:

تعرفون نياكم صدام حسين

Gu Xion* says:

Throwing rocks??

Este Haim says:

Good job isreali awesome work

Билал Рустамов says:

Иудеи проклятие

frosty pablo says:

If this happened in the US there would be a public outcry on behalf of the boy. Especially if he was of African decent.
The American should hang his head low for supporting such lawless filth.
This is laid at his doorstep.

Stojim ovdje says:

Ask him about the stones …

Alasdair Campbell says:

Sounds fair.

Saint Michael says:

As usual, we only get half of the story. The entire video looks staged. My money is the boy was throwing rocks at the soldiers and got caught. A swift kick in the a** and the boy was sent on his way.

M karthik says:

The boy throwed stone at isreali soldier , soldier reacted for it.
Thats the true story.

Tiago & Fabiola says:

I'd rather see Israeli soldiers kicking Palestinians to see Palestinians stabbing Jews.

Kay Kominski says:

Israel should be accountable for all the atrocity's it is causing, Israel is Disgusting

Hakim Noor says:

Go to hell zionis…jihad palestin

Doc Arcaine says:

Very brave soldiers in action!!

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