Meet FouseyTUBE, the Palestinian prankster – BBC Trending

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Meet Yousef Saleh Erakat. He has two million subscribers to his YouTube channel FouseyTUBE, and more than 15 million people have watched his most popular video – the Yoga Pants Prank.

More on Yousef Saleh Erakat’s rise to fame on the BBC Trending blog

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Dylan Peres says:

PALESTINE IS NOT A COUNTRY… HE IS a jordanian or eygyptian prankkster

Toa Kasi says:

He's an American Palestinian

Sara Candy lover says:

At 1:53 I swear that looks like one of the Dolan twins

Dylan Peres says:

'palestinian' is not real

Dylan Peres says:

Jordanian Prankster

Maryam Abdulqader says:

I hate you pussy tube

Jack Clarke says:

Anyone here after the fouseycon breakdown lmao

Adriano Zanetti says:

Can't get passed the eyebrowse thing… Unless you're Anthony Davis, you need to leave your eyebrowses in peace, dude.

FootballVFX says:

wtf did I just watch?

SteelRazorBlade // AdamSRB says:

Can BBC make one fucking interview where they don't have the ethnicity of the person in question plastered all over the video?

pep inyostep says:

Leafy destroyed this nigga

ridizzle189 says:

Yeah but are any of these pranks/experiments actually real, or are they all fake? Probably all fake.

Richard Prohaska says:

he is an islamist!

James Ross says:

Palestine isn't a real place. Do you mean Gaza, or Israel's west bank? It's disputed territory.

Javier Erebus says:

Fousey is fake

Gaming Channel says:

Fouseytube pranks are fake

Gaming Channel says:

Fouseytube pranks are fake

★ULTRAZ ENT★ says:

Oh great another cancerous youtuber smh

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