“My Keffiyeh” Music Video Promo (DeScribe & Remedy)

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Dear Fans, Followers and Supporters:

Shemspeed’s Israeli Keffiyeh is steadily gaining attention in the world of fashion, and in the process, spreading awareness of Jewish pride, respect, and cross-cultural unity. DeScribe, one of Shemspeed’s hip hop and reggae stars, has joined with Remedy,Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, to take this project to the next level through their new single, “My Keffiyeh,” and its accompanying music video. This dynamic music video which will bring the Israeli Keffiyeh project into the public arena, as it airs on MTV, Fuse, and other cable channels. Not only will “My Keffiyeh” raise awareness of the Shemspeed Keffiyah project, it will also create global awareness of Jewish cultural pride, and showcase the diversity that exists in our community. At this point, all the technical pieces are in place, but we need your support to help make the project happen! Take part in this historic event by making a pledge today. 
Some background on Shemspeed and the Israeli Keffiyeh:

Shemspeed, an independent recording label and artists’ promotional agency, is the brainchild of the Founder / Director Erez Safar, an American-Israeli DJ/Producer extraordinaire (his musical persona is Diwon). His vision of an entrepreneurial venture devoted to Jewish music with a strong educational and social message has evolved into Shemspeed, a company becoming synonymous with unifying people through culture and education, celebrating diversity and common ground. Shemspeed has recently released a new version of the Keffiyeh; an Israeli version which is blue and white designed by Dveykus. The Israeli Keffiyeh, with its intricate Star of David pattern in the center piece, and words AM ISRAEL CHAI (Jewish People Live) in Hebrew weaved into its fabric, this scarf illustrates a divine promise that
the Jewish people are eternal. There are many variations of the Keffiyah both in color and style, all with a very long tradition and history. The way that symbols are politicized and used to divide people, rather than as common ground for discussion and dialogueis exactly the kind of thought-provoking topic that we at Shemspeed explore with our music, as well as our programming. Our Israeli remix of the Keffiyeh, available through http://thekef.com, is just one more interpretation of a scarf worn by our brothers for thousands of years. We hope you enjoy them and we appreciate all your support in taking this movement to the next level!


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