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Kennedy Beltram quotes Psam 1.

Cherie Beltram sermon on “Mystery Babylon ” in the End Times. Taking a look at the scriptures of Revelation chapter 18. I laid the groundwork for my belief through scripture that Saudi Arabia is Mystery Babylon. Last week we studied Revelation chapter 17. Some things discussed are: Mecca with the Masjid Haram, Medina with the Masjid Nabawi, islam, muslims, the kabba, jamarat, muslim’s holy pilgrimage – the hajj, oil, Saddam Husein, Keffiyeh or ghutrah: Traditional Arab headdress, oud, human trafficking, sex slaves, child brides, Muharram, Ashura, Deera Square, honor killings, quran, koran, muhammed.

If you are muslim, please cry out to Jesus (Yeshua) and ask Him if He is real and Who He is. If you do this sincerely, He will come to you and show you. Please see for yourself before it is too late.

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