How to Tie a Shemagh – Military Style shemagh wrap. Quickly learn how to tie a military style shemagh. Shemagh as a face wrap. Neck wrap Shemagh scarf. A Shemagh can protect your face from bbs. Double layer the shemagh over your mouth to protect your teeth. Soak the shemagh in water and wrap it around your neck like a scarf to keep you cool during the day. Shemagh on amazon HachAirsoft Hach Airsoft
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Die Kufiya wird von Männern in der arabischen Welt getragen. Beim Militär nennt man diese Tücher Shemagh und Soldaten verwenden sie, um sich damit vor Sonne, Wind, Staub und Kälte zu schützen. Auch im Outdoor-Bereich werden sie gerne genutzt. Ich zeige hier etliche Anwendungsmöglichkeiten. Und hier ein Video, wie man ein Buff verwendet: – Shemagh: (*) – Sacki´s Bücher: (*) * Hierbei handelt es sich um sog. Affiliate-Links. Kaufst Du darüber etwas, wird der registrierte Partner am Umsatz beteiligt. Natürlich ohne Mehrkosten für Dich! – Sacki´s T-Shirts: (Spreadshirt-Shop) —————————————————————————– Sacki-Links: – Hauptkanal: – Gear-Kanal: [More]
Here is a quick video were I show how to wrap a Shemagh. It’s more than just a head wrap. The quality in the videos sux and I’m sorry for that but I was in my bathroom. LOL Thanks again for all the Love and support. Tc & GD BLS
How to tie a Shemagh. Quickly learn how to tie a military style shemagh. By Creek Stewart of Great shemaghs can be found here:
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Will, Jessi, and Chris demonstrate the many uses of the Shemagh, and WHY this inexpensive item is such an essential part of any emergency/bushcraft/survival kit. BUY ON PM101 STORE: SHOP AND SUPPORT THROUGH THE AMAZON STORE: THE GAUNTLET WEBSITE: MANTIS OUTDOORS: WOODSMONKEY: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: MOTPM GROUP: GOOGLE+: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:
From the India scarf wrap, to the Hijab wrap, to the Rice Farmer’s wrap, the Shemagh is a tremendously versatile piece of kit. This video focuses on the wearable options of the shemagh and NOT the regular survival options. Enjoy and Be blessed!
A piece of gear that has multiple purposes saves weight and bulk in your Ultralight Backpacking pack, bug out bag, bushcraft kit, or hunting gear. A shemagh is super versatile and light weight. Plus they are tacticool.
Most of your basic questions like “where do I get those!?” or “WHAT BE DIS MUSIC!?” are answered either at the end of the video, or in this description. Straight to the point, WATCH and learn. I show you 7 methods of wrapping a Shemagh/Keffiyeh. No need for “directions” when you can watch it done right before you =). Keep in mind the titles I use for each wrap are just as I know them to be, and may not be what they’re really called. In the end, they’re all just one thing, a head wrap! Is this tutorial to [More]