assalamualaikum guys ,alhamdulilah saya sudah semangat untuk mengedit lagi dan saya memberikan contoh yang benar cara memakai sorban ,selamat menonton
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We walked through a market in Jeddah and bought traditional Keffiyeh to try on. While we were worried that it might be offensive, it was quite the opposite. A stranger stopped and helped Jon get [More]
Which is worse, Nazi flag or Palestinian terrorist symbol? Both were seen in Charlottesville.
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This is me trying shummag Emirati style. Thanks to the store personnel who kindly assisted me in learning how to do it. Arabian dress is the best dress ever. Stylish and comfortable.
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PaliRoots™ – Reviving Palestinian Roots ●Facebook: ●Instagram: ●Twitter: Shop Now: World Kufiya day is on May 11th! Don’t forget to wear kufiya on this day to show solidarity with the Palestinian [More]