Palestinians: Why do you wear the hijab?

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508 Zubair Ahmad says:

Those who wear proper clothes and try to be modest are being criticized and those who walk naked are being appreciated!

508 Zubair Ahmad says:

"The Secret of the West's strength is not in the lute and guitar,

Nor in the promiscuous dancing of her daughters.

Nor in the charms of her bright-faced beauties,

Nor in bare shins, nor in bobbed hair.

Her strength is not from irreligiousness

Nor is her rise due to Latin script.

The strength of the West is due to knowledge and science,

Her lamp is alight from this fire only.

Knowledge does not depend on the style of your garments,

And a turban is no obstacle to the acquisition of knowledge."

508 Zubair Ahmad says:

Western world to Muslim women : You should wear whatever you like .
Muslim women : Yes, I should wear whatever I like and what I like is hijab
Western world : Noooooooooo

Mohammad Abdallah says:

Everyone has the hijab philosophy wrong but I’m not going to explain it here. As someone who was raised as a child into adulthood in the West Bank I can assure you that the majority of the women who have this “veil” over their head do it because it’s just a tradition and it has nothing to do with what hijab is in Islam. Even if they say it’s religious it’s not because they have religion and traditions and customs all mixed up in one pot.

Cahaya Kebaikan says:

There are billions of muslim women in the whole world with hijab what an intrusive of privacy this channel are. I pray someday you revert to islam because you are born islam but circumtances make you a unbeliver

I .I says:

Because they are brainwashed and deprived from the right to chose.

Y Diary says:

Muslim girls from age 14 should were hijab and of course modest clothes
but some Muslim girls do not wear it sadly we advice them for there own benefit if they its okay we do not force anyone beacause god will judge them but most muslims girls do wear the hijab.
The person who asked the question was funny because he thinks that Muslim women should be religious to wear the hijab like nuns
which are religious Christian women
or cover their hair when they get married like religious jews and they put wig its funny because why you cover your hair if you gonna put a wig on I do not get it. And actually its looks like as if he is upset because the majority of Muslim women are modest

at the end all respect to all religions.

Oday B.Y says:

All the ladies with Hijab said they wear hijab because they wanted to wear it and no one forced them.
while the only woman without hijab said the women who wear hijab are forced to wear it.
secular people are liers.

suliman B says:

I'm muslim but I think most of them wear it for cultural propose not religious that why they take it off while traveling abroad

The communist Muslim says:

Interesting fact is the Quran never really mentioned to wear hijab or headcovering. But it's all up to you.Simple answer is for modesty. It's meant for both men and women.

tamsinwood2 says:

Either these women don't know or they don't want to say it. It's to stop men being tempted by them and their beauty. Period.

yas andrade says:

Hey corry please ask the hassediqs why the woman it is the second class of the family and why they have to cover their hair(jewish orfhodox)

Stefan Kurd says:

There is no hijab in Quran thats only things from arabs

Tatsumaki Mojo says:

Peer pressure. What would happen if they take it of? Nothing good…


"How about why do you wear it?" Censure detected.

Waseem Ahmed says:

Good work Corey. We need more people like you standing for the oprressed

Human Amdjadi-Bigwand says:

OMG. They know absolutely nothing about Hijab in Islam, NOTHING.

daniel gallant says:

In the Jewish religion, the complete head covering (covering all but the face) was a custom not a commandment. The custom was based on modesty and fidelity …………In the Christian religion ; modesty and fidelity is strongly taught but not in the context of a custom. In Christianity the complete head covering is practiced only as a ordinance . A ordinance is a service due unto God like feet washing to display humility….baptism to show life of Christ and the Lord's supper to show His Death (the meaning) until Jesus returns. The ordinance of the head covering is done only when a women prays or prophesy's…When a women puts it on during these time it is in service to God showing she understands God's decree that a women ought to be in subjection to her husband or in subjection to God like the angels are in subjection to God…all other times her long hair is in place of the complete head covering symbolically showing God's decree…………In Islam the head covering was brought in because a muslim man complain to Muhammad he saw a women go to the bathroom at night and she seemed inappropiate to him, so it's based on modesty in Islam…in Islam it is not a choice

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