Protesting, Keffiyeh[1] Style?

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Style or not? Originally I was introduced to the keffiyeh from this YouTube video – [2] in which a Jewish Professor was confronted by a Muslim student of his work. During their conversation, both played catch with the audience’s attention leading to the Jewish Professor asking the young woman, “Will you condemn Hamas here and now”?
David Horowitz ultimately connects Hamas[3] & Hizballah[4] & the scarf she wears around her neck – to terrorism. The Jewish Professor then mitts everyone’s attention speaking loudly and asking the young student, “For it, or against it”? Flaunting the Keffiyeh & red scarf upon her head she replies, “For it”! This immediately rung through my thoughts as I approached this young man to do an interview.

Chanting in the background were protesters which this young man was following on Saturday the 20th of November 2016 in DC, just after the Presidential Election electing Donald J. Trump. Pitching the ball on inquisition to him, he chose to hit it, as he stopped to interview with me. Serendipitously interrupted, a woman walks by speaking a foreign language to him. The young protester wearing the Palistinian Keffiyeh turns to her and responds with silence as he watched her. I asked him immediately what she said? Responding to me, I realize in the moment, based on everything he was wearing, it was the keffiyeh that she identified with and felt to reach out to him in the manner she did. Like a thirdbaseman being tipped off by the first baseman to run for home.

Explaining to me that he received the keffiyeh from a friend he explains why he Adorns it upon his head. His Connection, standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people as oppressed interested me, as concluding the Palestinian people being victims of apartheid rule.

Digging further, I asked of his awareness of terrorist ties with the black and white fish net patterned neckerchief, he veered to the word terrorists as being “loaded”, continueing adjustment of his keffiyah to ensure coverage of his face. Pussy-footing around the meaning of it he first spoke of it as a facial cover in the hot sandy desert. Then matter-a-factly, he spoke of the neckerchiefs having ties to “Hizballah and other Islamic fundamentalist terrorists groups”, I am having a mental jaw drop, as his fly ball just catapulted into the air. He explains to me that American Government is a much larger terrorists group than any Hizballah or ISIS. He connects the “American Way” as one of “genocide & slavery”, interestingly enough, he doesn’t connect our Founding Fathers to the American Way and the understanding of it worldwide as, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Personally I’ve not heard of anyone refer to ‘the American way’ as “genocide and slavery”, and right now my inner OMGosh-red-light-siren-blaring-American Spirit, just solidly grabbed my sword of strength! Far as I’m concern this young boy can pack his bags and take the plane with those Hollywood flunkies who said they would move if Donald J Trump became President…aaah, buh bye!

Speaking of ‘the American Way’, he brings up President-Elect Trump. Choosing to go up against a Trump Administration in protest, projecting President-Elect Trump as fascist, many claims by this young man and his understanding of the ties of the keffiyeh, now has my American Patriotism wanting to strike him out metaphorically in this game. I don’t know his intentions?! Or the intentions of mostly twenty and thirty something protesters protesting all across America. Some ‘Passionates’ utilizing their 1st Ammendment, some misguided or brainwashed, some rebellious, paid citizens & illegals who are violent and against democracy. Those whom, speaking to future cycles, we will see come back around years from now as factions….just watch!

And in closing, I realize, I did catch the fly ball he hit earlier, when he walks off not wanting to hear truth!

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