#QTip: Why do Qataris have tassels on their Igal?

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A lot of you have noticed Qataris having tassels on their Igal — a multi-purpose black elongated thing that supports the Ghitra’s firm position all the way down. Watch to find out the many uses of these tassels also known as Karakeesh!

Filmed and edited by: Timothy J. Carr

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Shazia Irfan says:

I love Qatar from Syria

James Newton says:

I like your intro song

Ledwina perilla says:

I like this guy the we he talk here moves i love it im watching you always mr Q. From philippines

Erick Cisneros says:

You guys are so funny! and you guys answer so many things that we are afraid to ask!

J.H. Miretskay says:

Is there a big market for pocket protectors in the GCC? White cloth+ink=no bueno.

Bertfel Meyers says:

Why does he have to speak asfastashecan? I have the impression he's going to fall short of breath!

Muhammad Kamias says:

Bro really I love arabic culture.

Hafsath mUYAYHSYWHZععثغيغيقثغيعبغيعربع says:

why do Qatari men cover their face with gutra in national day

stand alone gamer says:

Nice beard Mr Q

DaEminentArtist says:

Can you teach us how to iron a ghutra and how to get the crease?


do you need under wear always under your ghutra

marji farook says:

Hi mr.Q

I have a q

Qatari woman can marry other nationalities it’s possible ???

Ishaque kannoth says:

Most of your qatary local videos are applicable to almost all the gulf countries.. But with a different name…
By the way… Can you explain why the qatar has some issues with kingdom of saudi and emirates….can you explain it simply?


This super kool

Mainuddin Ahmed says:

What are the cheapest ways to learn your language ( reading , writing , speaking Arabic ) , I am a newly arrived Bangladeshi and I am feeling the socialising requirement of learning this language , after the all-time religious need.

Arshh Arshad says:

Awesome. Love & lots of likes from Nepal & Nepalese residing in Qatar.

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