Rothco’s Tactical Shemagh: More Than Just a Scarf

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The tactical shemagh has become one of Rothko’s most popular items the shrug originated the Middle East but has worn all of the globe and has become popular with everyone from military personnel to survivalists and Preppers the shemagh has many uses both tactical and practical but it’s really born as a head wrap to protect the wearer from sun sand and wind so if you’re a survivalist prepper hunter or have any interest in the great outdoors the shemagh is one item you’ll want to bring with you besides being worn as a garment the shemagh can be used for various first-aid treatments such as a tourniquet a bandage or a sling the Shema could also be used to pre-filter water obviously you’d want to treat the water further but the shemagh will remove larger sediments from the water while camping you could also use your schmuck to make a pillow either fold it up as is or first stuff it with grass leaves or clothes and then fold it up or tie the edges together and turn the schmuck into an emergency bag now to tie the shemagh you want to fold it in half diagonally and then fold the schmuck behind your head you don’t want to be perfectly centered so adjust to be approximately three-quarters of the way across and put the shemagh over your head allowing you to drape down the back of your neck next fold the short end of the smog under your chin up to your ear and then take the longer end across your face around the back of your head to meet the shorter end and then just tie with a simple overhand knot and although the shemagh was designed to protect the face in a desert environment from Sun and sand it could also be used in wintry conditions to keep the head warm and protect from snow and icy winds or dampened in warmer climates to keep the head cool now if you folded the shemagh correctly it should cover both the front and the back of the neck and you should also be able to fold down the front of the shemagh in order to uncover your mouth those are just a few uses for Roscoe’s tactical Jamaat but there are dozens of other practical survival applications everything from pot holder to tinder so if you already have one make sure you pick up one of wrap those tactical amounts from one of our authorized dealers and comment below and let us know the most unique thing you’ve done with one of our models

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