Saudi clothing شرح اللباس السعودي للأجانب

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مونتاج المبدع : محمد عالي المرشدي

إخراج وتعليق صوتي : عارف عالي المرشدي.
تمثيل : فيصل آل الشيخ .
فيصل عماد شما .
عبدالعزيز الهزاع .
يوسف الحربي .
رابط الأنشودة في الخلفية :
Saudi Clothing:
A white garment topped with a red cloth .. the people of the Gulf area are proud of it. Its origin goes back thousands of years. Let’s discover together the Saudi costume in this short trip ..

First of all, we shall start with the distinctive underwear worn by the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula. Due to the high temperature in the Gulf region in general, the Saudi people resort to wearing layered clothes to resist the scorching desert sun. So, the underwear consists of short pants, long pants and cotton T-shirt, all are white .

Thobe (Garment):
The Saudi people wear the garment as a single piece of cloth with a slightly different design from the rest of the garments in the Arabian Gulf region. In the summer, the Saudi people wear this white garment because it is less absorbent to heat while they wear heavy fabrics and dark colors in the winter. Saudi people care very much for wearing very clean and ironed garments. One small stain is enough for people to think you are wearing a dirty garment. Also, they don’t wear garments unless they are ironed. In the west of Saudi Arabia, the thobe has different types of embroidery on the sleeves and around the buttons.

Shimagh is the headdress worn by men in Saudi Arabia. They use it for different reasons such as an ornament, for self-expression, or to show ideas adopted by the person and to resist the sun. It is also used as a tool for hiding identity and to resist the dust storms that rage in the gulf region from time to time. There are different types of Shimagh with different colors and fabrics. There is a white shimagh, a red one and white Ghutra. It is worn over a white hat made of cloth or cotton and it is called Kufiyah. Something is put over the Shimagh which is called Iqal (headband) which is a black circular piece made of wool. In old times, it was used to tie the legs of camels while travelling. Today it is used only to fix the shimagh.

In general, Saudi people have the feeling of belonging to their clothes. These clothes are designed to deal with the conditions of the environment they live in. they are also comfortable with looking good . To know more details, we made some interviews with students of King Saud University in Riyadh.


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