SHEMAGH as a Minimalist Primitive Pack

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Dave Canterbury shares multiple ways to utilize your Shemagh as a minimalist pack. The Shemagh is one of the most versatile pieces of gear you carry. How you use your Shemagh depends on the necessity at the time, but the knowledge to utilize it beyond the obvious, is what makes the Shemagh such a useful piece of gear. Whether you are hiking, trekking over distance or simply gathering tinder around camp, the shemagh is a great inexpensive choice that offers multiple uses around camp.

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Daniel Blanchard says:

Thanks for the list. Just subscribed to the rest of them. Selected all notifications. What's the use of unlimited data if I can't use
I almost had the bow drill yesterday. Threw the first one in the fire the day before.
Thank all of you for the educational videos. Y'all inspire me to keep going.

Rocko N says:

I’ve always wondered if that’s a Judge tattoo on top of your left hand?

ignacio. Diez says:

Whenever I go camping I carry a shemagh, because it is very useful, it can be used as a bag, to cover you from the sun and even to keep you warm, thanks dave!!!

Schmoyoyo says:

Awesome video and tips !

Anita Rice says:

I have shemaghs, thanks Dave for those tips, I do sometimes like to go in the bush minimalist.

Alpha Patriot says:

Thnxs 4 sharing

TheBaconsTaken says:

Are PF t shirts available on the site Dave?

Bruce Nitroxpro says:

Darn! Scored again with a BASIC idea I'd not thought of… despite OWNING ONE! LOL

bigbuck762 says:

Dave thank you another great video always learn something new every video you make

S.D. Mountain Man says:

Great information good idea seen them used for lots of other things

Bruce Clark says:

Got hooked on you watching a video on "THE VERSATILITY OF THE 110 CONIBEAR"…….been there ever since!!

kevin edward says:

Dave, great info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trapper Scout says:

Genius as always Dave.

scott anthony says:

Dave, thank you for sharing, I have one but will be picking up another one. Take care, stay healthy an God bless you and your Family always.

Silkworm says:

Matt Graham would be proud

Michael Brunner says:

Great ideas

Modern Refugee. says:

I always learn something watch you. Thanks

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