Shemagh or Shebagh? (Trick with a Shemagh)

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Here we see a handy little trick with the shemagh. We make an improvised carry bag that allows us to increase our ability to carry more stuff.

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DonPablo says:

hello, what color is that?

Blake839 says:

Funny that you mentioned "hipsters" wearing it as a scarf. Perhaps they already knew a lot of ways to use it, & only YOU were new to it, & judged them incorrectly? Using a shemagh or scarf has long been a way to carry things, & not have to carry a bulky bag with you. Or look after bags when you unload them when you get to a festival or something. After you are finished, you can put it back on as a scarf, or wrap if it gets cold. Even in urban environments/concerts etc… Beats having to carry the unnecessary bulk of a bag when it isn't necessary.

William Davis says:

Used this trick on my last backpacking trip, because I forgot to bring a day pack (cheap walmart one) to carry fishing gear during the day. Got the idea after seeing a woman using a large banana (about the size of a shemagh) as a diaper bag. She also used another as a baby sling, but not sure how she tied that up

Phillip Gardner says:

Right over left, left over right

Harold Baum says:

I usually turn the bag inside out so the knots naturally want to stay inside.

Matthew Bair says:

You carry that man purse "around the city" to "be comfortable" lmao. Talk about a contractor wanna be. You even need a purse to carry firewood? Wow smh

Thomas Greer says:

It does come in very handy. Its called furoshiki, the japanese art of folding cloth for various purposes.

Turtle Bushcraft says:

I realy need to get shemagh. They have so many great usages. was suprized to see your whole bag fit in it. Great video thanks for sharing. atb John

The Peaceful Prepper says:

Good tip.  I must have some of the growing up as a girl lessons, hadn't seen this before, lol.

CK's channel. says:

I have the same color shemagh and the same bag (in ACU)! :O

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