Shemaghs / keffiyeh / kufiya (Scarves)

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Shemaghs / keffiyeh/ kufiya (Scarves)

Shemaghs (Scarves). keffiyeh/kufiya (Arabic: كوفية‎, kūfiyyah, plural كوفيات, kūfiyyāt), also known as a ghutrah (غُترَة), ḥaṭṭah (حَطّة), mashadah (مَشَدة) , shemagh (شماغ) or in Persian chafiye (چَفیِه), Kurdish cemedanî ( جه مه داني) and Turkish puşi. Also Afghan Scarf/Scarves (Dismaal), Wraps, Turbans, Shora/Smagh (Headwear).

Song by: Aryana Sayeed (Famous Afghan Singer) – Yallah


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