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This is a Touturial on how to wrap 2 different types of lower face wraps for your shemagh… Check out our Face Book to Stay up to date!!
Airsoft Corner dari Mazdaws kali ini menghadirkan tutorial tentang shemagh/keffiyeh dengan gaya neck wrap dan bandit mask. Shemagh ini merupakan aksesoris yang seolah menjadi wajib di dunia olahraga airsoft, karena memberi kesan lebih garang. Semoga [More] If you are having trouble tying your tactical shemagh before going out on the airsoft field, Max gives you step-by-step directions on how to tie one. Plus, you will look really cool and according [More] Aprenda uma maneira de amarrar o Shemagh para seus games de airsoft
O Shemagh é um grande lenço que é enrolado em torno da cabeça, comumente usada por habitantes do deserto oriental árabe ou do meio para proteger do sol e da areia. Pronuncia-se “Schmog”. Também conhecido [More]
In this Episode smoker gives a short review of his UTG m4 and then Apoc goes over how to tie a shemagh with a brief history of a shemagh.
Review of the Military Arab Shemagh Kafiya Scarf Mask Sand Shemagh: $5 cash coupon code: YTacticalBlackCats (enter the code when check out, take $5 off your entire order) Facebook : Twitter : [More]