When you put Ghutra on your head place the folded half over the top of your head.The unfold half should be on the back of your head and neck.There are two ends hanging down over the front of your body.Give both sides two turns moving in the outwards direction. A white ghutra for instance indicates purity a red and white ghutra indicates patriotism and a black and white ghutra denited freedom. #beautifulBahrain #jomZvlogs #ofwvlog Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and click the BELL button on my channel guyz! Like Share and drop your comment below. Facebook: Gabriel Jomar Tumamao http://www.facebook.com/jomar.t.corpuz Instagram:realjom25 [More]
Penjelasan Surban, Burdah, ghutrah, ‘imamah
This video shows you how to pronounce Ghutrah