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A small video with to tie a Jordanian Bedouin Keffiyeh (headscarf). While we were visiting little Petra our Bedouin friend explained us how-to-do it, the correct way! For more details about little Petra, read our article:
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Check them out. The last keffiyeh factory in zionist occupied palestine. The quality is amazing. I may not own a nihonto, but I sure as shit have the real deal when it comes to kufiya. And you can too go to
January 8th,2010 with Haywirecanada in a Keffiyeh , Director: Paul Fraser, Writer: Paul Fraser, Release Date: January 8,2010, Genre: Comedy, Cast: Paul Fraser, Runtime: 9 minutes, Country: Canada, Color:Color, Language: English, Aspect ratio 1.85 : 1, Camera: Sony Handycam DCR-HC36,Cinematographic process: Digital MinDV (master format,Certification:General Admission,
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Different ways to wear an Arabic headscarf, Hatta, Keffiyeh, or Shemagh demonstrated in Petra by a Jordanian. Including how to wear your Keffiyeh if you’re the King, Bedouin, and a special technique to signal to the ladies your are looking for a date. Petra is on of the wonders of the world, what better place for Erik and Viv to strengthen their headscarf game. Subscribe to our channel for the next full episode of THE CREW in Petra. Make sure and share this video on social media. Stay tuned for next week’s adventures in the middle east – following the [More] Fashion How To: how to tie a Keffiyeh or Shemagh While traveling Palestine Cris Cyborg visits a Souk to pick up a new Keffiyeh also known as a Shemagh or Middle Eastern scarf
Kufiya atau Keffiyeh atau disebut juga Shemagh sangat identik dengan Palestina. Namun tahukah anda bahwa di Palestina hanya tinggal satu pabrik kecil saja yang masih beroperasi membuat kain serbaguna yang dipake sebagai penutup kepala orang Arab sampai masker militer ini. Pabrik Kufiya asli Palestina terancam punah akibat konflik dan serbuan barang impor dari China dan India yang harganya jauh lebih murah. Hirbawi adalah satu-satunya pabrik Kufiya Palestina yang masih tersisa dan coba bertahan. Di video kali ini saya akan membahas mengenai hal ini. Tonton sampai selesai ya. #kufiya #hirbawi #palestina