How To Tie a Valken Shemagh Face Mask Video In this video we show you the easiest way to tie a Valken Shemagh. Buy NOW: How to 0:21 Colors 0:44 The Valken shemagh takes the traditional middle eastern head wrap, also known as a keffiyeh, and makes it into a multifunctional piece of equipment that every person should have in their wardrobe. The shemagh can be used as a face mask, scarf, or full head wrap to protect the user from sun, wind, or other harsh environments. The Valken shemagh can also be used as a scarf to keep [More]
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This video demonstrates how to make a Corona Virus Face Mask with a Shemagh. Ahmed from Alhannah Islamic Clothing shows viewers how to securely tie a Shemagh on their face to use as a cloth face covering when you are out in public, as recommended on the CDC website: If you like our video, please subscribe to our channel and don’t miss out on any of our new videos. Our videos will be filled with information and tips you won’t find anywhere else! SUBSCRIBE:… . Shop for Shemagh and related items here: #ShemaghFaceMask #facemask #scarfFaceMask #CoronaMask
I made this prototype out of a real Palestinian kufiya scarf. Inside I put filters for safety, so this is not just for fashion but a practical mask to help keep safe. Depending on the availability of N95 masks I’m going to try to make newer models with the N95 masks inside the kufya material to help keep healthy since regular masks dont filter COVID-19. If anyone wants one made hmu on here. And btw this is my idea no one has made these yet. UPDATE: Everyday I go on google to see if anyone has made what I made [More]
This is a how you can use a Shemagh as a Bandit Mask. I use this method to get away from Dust to go inside my nose. Hope this will help you. Thank You New Here? – Hi! My name is Amit. I upload once in a week! Vlogs, tech, travel and lifestyle! I live in INDIA. Big fan of traveling, tech, social media and Food. Subscribe & say hi! to me on Facebook and Instagram!
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A simple improvised dust mask commonly found in the Arab lands. I use a piece of 50″ square cotton/linen blend to tie a keffiyeh as my dust mask among its countless other uses.