In our travels in Jordan we met this friendly souvenir salesguy who showed us how to properly wear the famous middle eastern scarf Shemagh / Keffiyeh 🏠 Find the Best Places To Stay and Experiences Here: 🎥🎥Equipment We Use🎥🎥 ❤️Click Here To Subscribe To Our Travel Channel: 📸Follow us on Insta:
It’s an excellent idea serving delicious chicken wings with the selection of your choice of 15 sauces! #wingmanbh #ofwvlogs #buhayofw Don’t forget to … Fashion How To: how to tie a Keffiyeh or Shemagh While traveling Palestine Cris Cyborg visits a Souk to pick up a new Keffiyeh also known as a Shemagh or Middle Eastern scarf
Here’s the right way (and the wrong way) to tie a shemagh, aka middle eastern headscarf, as we ventured to Petra, Jordan. A local Jordanian bedouin shows us the right way to tie it! The shemagh helps cool you down as it reflects heat away from the head!
OPSGEAR is pleased to give you step by step instruction on how to wrap the shemagh for use in a tactical environment. Made of soft 100% cotton, these lightweight Middle Eastern desert headwraps are ideal for keeping sun, wind, and sand out of eyes and face. Shemaghs have been worn for centuries, and as U.S. forces and coalition partners in the Gulf War, in OEF, Afghanistan, and other areas found, they have other field advantages too. Not only is it a headdress, but it is a comfy sweat mop, dust wiper and field towel when needed. Measures approximately 44″ x [More]
The Shemagh should be a must for every Prepper or Bushcrafter! If you GET OFFENDED EASILY please DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. I don’t need you calling me racist. I’m just having fun. My editor spelled Shemagh wrong on this video. So send a letter to the President about it. DBH presents the final Unplugged episode of the Kingdom of Jordan in the small town of Azraq. Here David brings us to the 8th Century Qasr Amra Palace, a strategically located private fortress once used by the Caliph. Located near the only fresh water source for 12,000 km, this desert castle was where the Caliph would host his private matters, from parties to family and hunting affairs. Tour the interior, exterior and amazing history of this extensive palace, well worth the trip out from Amman. While in the area, also check out the Azraq Wetlands Reserve, home to native [More]
Three years ago the world’s media descended on the Hirbawi textile factory – the last keffiyeh makers in the Palestinian territories. At the time the Hirbawi family – who make the traditional Arab headscarf – were struggling to keep the business afloat amid competition from cheap Chineses imports. But following a deluge of global media interest things began to look up — and whatsmore, the Hirbawis are benefitting from social media to keep the orders coming in. Howard Johnson reports from Hebron. My website: Twitter: