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Kennedy Beltram quotes Psam 1. Cherie Beltram sermon on “Mystery Babylon ” in the End Times. Taking a look at the scriptures of Revelation chapter 18. I laid the groundwork for my belief through scripture that Saudi Arabia is Mystery Babylon. Last week we studied Revelation chapter 17. Some things discussed are: Mecca with the Masjid Haram, Medina with the Masjid Nabawi, islam, muslims, the kabba, jamarat, muslim’s holy pilgrimage – the hajj, oil, Saddam Husein, Keffiyeh or ghutrah: Traditional Arab headdress, oud, human trafficking, sex slaves, child brides, Muharram, Ashura, Deera Square, honor killings, quran, koran, muhammed. If you [More]
This video shows how to tie a Shemagh (or “Scarf”) to make it a face wrap. It works for the U.S. Military, nuff said. 😉
Keffiyeh Band Dancing Dabka, Dabka is Palestinain Traditional Dance they Present Palestinain culture and they had a messege to show all the people around the world that Palestinian live like other people, like to live in Peace and Love.
This is the best looking, and most effective way I’ve found yet to use a Shemagh as a face wrap.