Israel’s Ofer prison camp, West Bank 1. Wide of entrance to prison with buses carrying prisoners out 2. Prisoners on bus, peering through grated window 3. Close up on grated window with prisoner peering through 4. Buses leaving prison Beitunia, West Bank 5. Wide of buses arriving at checkpoint 6. Pull out of bus with prisoners 7. Prisoner showing victory sign 8. Wide of buses with Israeli security officers 9. Wide of bus at crossing 10. Prisoners hang out of bus window, waving Palestinian flags 11. Wide of buses with prisoners driving away 12. Bus leaving with security forces standing [More]
SHOTLIST ++NIGHT SHOTS++ Rafah, Gaza Strip – 18 December 2011 1. Wide of buses carrying released Palestinian prisoners arriving through crossing area (after having crossed into Gaza), zoom in to prisoners waving from windows 2. Released Palestinian prisoners waving from bus windows, pull out to media 3. Bus with prisoners passing through gate 4. Released Palestinian prisoners walking next to band welcoming them 5. Various of Palestinian legislator Ahmad Bahar and other Palestinian officials welcoming released prisoners and giving them keffiyeh, Palestinian national scarf 6. Mid of released prisoners being greeted by Palestinian officials Gaza City, Gaza Strip – 18 [More]