You know your Uncle Tronthy as the clown from Tronthy’s Corner but did you know that Tronthy is an outdoorsman, adventurer, mountaineer, tactician, and all around surviver? Uncle Tronthy grew up in the Adirondack Mountains, hunting, fishing, hiking, paddling …etc.. now its time for you to see the gear that your favorite Uncle Tronthy uses to tramp the United States! Stay tuned for survival gear reviews, hunting gear reviews, fishing gear reviews, hiking gear reviews, climbing gear reviews, kayaking gear reviews, camping gear reviews, tactical gear reviews, etc! We will share survivalists stories, some laughs, and Lord willing some ice [More]
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This is an Explore Land tactical shemagh. I’ve wanted one since my first road trip in 2015, almost bought one when I thought I was going to take a second road trip, and now with the need for face protection, it seemed like a good time to get it. Here’s the link: Explore Land Cotton Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf Wrap
The tactical shemagh has become one of Rothko’s most popular items the shrug originated the Middle East but has worn all of the globe and has become popular with everyone from military personnel to survivalists and Preppers the shemagh has many uses both tactical and practical but it’s really born as a head wrap to protect the wearer from sun sand and wind so if you’re a survivalist prepper hunter or have any interest in the great outdoors the shemagh is one item you’ll want to bring with you besides being worn as a garment the shemagh can be used [More]
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This method used my parents for winter shawl , when I was a little kid
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We compare two makes of Shemagh Tactical Scarf, one from Pakistan and a few from India