How To Tie a Valken Shemagh Face Mask Video In this video we show you the easiest way to tie a Valken Shemagh. Buy NOW: How to 0:21 Colors 0:44 The Valken shemagh takes the traditional middle eastern head wrap, also known as a keffiyeh, and makes it into a multifunctional piece of equipment that every person should have in their wardrobe. The shemagh can be used as a face mask, scarf, or full head wrap to protect the user from sun, wind, or other harsh environments. The Valken shemagh can also be used as a scarf to keep [More]
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This is the men section in a Saudi Arabian wedding ceremony. Women and men celebrate in separate halls due to religious and cultural reasons (e.g. women want to dress nicely without the need to wear hijab). Anyways, the groom will join his bride later in women hall after getting greeted and congratulated by the male guests and filmming will continue but that part of the wedding won’t be published online for the same reasons. I don’t own any copyrights, all copyrights belong to their respective owners. جميع حقوق النسخ والنشر تنتمي إلى أصحابها.
||• PALIROOTS KEFFIYEH SHOP NOW! @paliroots. The outcome of this creation is to represent our beautiful Keffiyeh selling on @paliroots. The mission was to propose an adventure vibe on top of the upper Yosemite falls (which took 5 hours to hike) and to show the detailed qulity of our Keffiyehs! Stay tuned for full Yosemite video coming soon. Hope you all enjoy this little film I mixed up here! 🙂 . Filmer/Editor: @sanshoots . In frame: @goldenmuseco . Work for: @paliroots Product: Paliroots Keffiyeh PALIROOTS.COM . Location: Yosemite National Park . Music: Shallou – Lie (feat. Riah) . #fashion #life [More]
Click to share it on Facebook – Rockstar whole album is super fantastic but one track that simply class apart is “Kun Faaya Kun”. In this movie Ranbir Kapoor has shed his boy next door image and we believe this is his best work done so far. This song is sung by Mohit Chauhan, Javed Ali, A R Rahman whereas lyrics are penned down by Irshaad Kamil who has also given lyrics in hindi movie Mausam. Enjoy & play exclusively on T-Series. Song -Kun Faya Kun Film – Rockstar Singer – A.R. Rahman, Javed Ali, Mohit Chauhan Lyricist – [More]
Saudi Businessman Dab Fail VIDEO Funny Fail Video Cameraman cries with laughter Saudi Businessman Dab Fail VIDEO Cameraman cries with laughter Saudi Businessman Dab Fail VIDEO Cameraman cries with laughter He’s no dab hand! Saudi businessman’s hopes of earning street cred ends in calamity as cameraman cries with laughter Unlucky Saudi businessman tries to pull off dabbing on his way to a conference He cheekily pulled the move on the way to a seminar but ended up tripping over He hurried off but the moment was caught on camera by a cheeky onlooker By Katie French For Mailonline PUBLISHED: 10:29 [More]
The Kuffiyeh is Arabic “Good morning, cousins; y’all welcome, come in What would you like us to serve you, Arab blood or tears from our eyes?” I think that’s how they expected us to receive them That’s why they got embarrassed when they realized their mistake That’s why we rocked the kuffiyeh, the white and black Now these dogs are startin’ to wear it as a trend No matter how they design it, no matter how they change its color, The kuffiyeh is Arabic, and it will stay Arabic The gear we rock, they want it; our culture, they want [More]
HELP SUPPORT! GO TO: Dear Fans, Followers and Supporters: Shemspeed’s Israeli Keffiyeh is steadily gaining attention in the world of fashion, and in the process, spreading awareness of Jewish pride, respect, and cross-cultural unity. DeScribe, one of Shemspeed’s hip hop and reggae stars, has joined with Remedy,Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, to take this project to the next level through their new single, “My Keffiyeh,” and its accompanying music video. This dynamic music video which will bring the Israeli Keffiyeh project into the public arena, as it airs on MTV, Fuse, and other cable channels. Not only will “My Keffiyeh” raise [More]
” ‘Imamah” “Cara memakai sorban” “Cara memakai ‘Imamah” Sorban Arab
Euronews nimmt Sie mit nach Hebron auf der West Bank, wo die 14 ragt von der Hirbawi Familie noch produzieren keffiyehs, eine traditionelle orientalische Kopfbedeckung und eine