PaliRoots™ – Reviving Palestinian Roots ●Facebook: ●Instagram: ●Twitter: Shop Now: World Kufiya day is on May 11th! Don’t forget to wear kufiya on this day to show solidarity with the Palestinian people. This video was shot at Yosemite National Park (Upper Falls). What is World Keffiyeh Day?: World Kufiya Day is a global movement initiated by Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR). Note: Kufiya is also known as Keffiyeh! Video Produced By Sanshoots:
Igal Hecht of TheRebel.Media interviews Bassem Eid, one of the top Palestinian human rights advocates. Bassem began his career with Israeli organization, B’Tselem, documenting offenses committed by the Israeli army but in 1996, he resigned in order to create a Palestinian organization that would focus on the Palestinian Authority when he saw how little trust the Palestinians had in their own leadership. He provides many examples for why that is and says that despite billions in international aid sent to over the past 20 years, the Palestinian people have little to show for it. He also offers his unique perspective [More]
World Keffiyeh Day (May 11th) is to be commemorated on an annual basis in conjunction with Nakba Day (15 May), in order to show solidarity with the Palestinian cause and struggle. Facebook Page: Twitter: @KeffiyehDay Instagram: @KeffiyehDay Snapchat: KeffiyehDay
Google Tech Talks February 17, 2009 ABSTRACT When I first visited the Palestinian territories, I was afraid I would have to hide my identity as an American and possibly wear a headscarf. To my surprise, I was warmly welcomed exactly as I was, and after more than two years living and working there, it remains one of my favorite spots on earth. The people are charming and generous, the landscape is gorgeous, and the parties, concerts, and beer gardens in Ramallah are world-class. But behind all this looms the conflict, the occupation, and violence. Since September 2000, more than 5,500 [More]