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The reason for this video is, well some of us like to look good and some of us like really nice soft fabric from other parts of the world. The clothing also makes the photographer if you believe that or not. I’d like the fact that my Muslim background is part of me and then I also have that fashion sense from my days in Japan as a kid until now. These are some of the best shemagh or Keffiyeh that you can find on Amazon. The two I have in the video are made the same but more has more threading than the other and you have to watch the video in find out why that is.

The list of items in the video
Merewill Cotton Shemagh Tactical Desert Wrap Keffiyeh –

Lighting in Video
Viltrox RB08 –
Aputure M9 –
The Aputure H198C seems to now be discontinued product now.
Neewer CN160 LED Video Light –
Pop Filter for Audio devices –



The Best Small LED LIGHT for Photography or Video
Boling BL-P1 12W RGB Full Color Dimmable 2500-8500K –
SUPON 112 LED Bi-Color Video Light, Aluminum Alloy CRI 96+ TLCI 96 –
Iwata GL-01 117 LED Bi-Color –
Iwata GL-01 117 LED Bi-Color Pro-
Sony a6300 –
Sony a6400 –
Sony a6500 –

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My opinions and reviews are ALWAYS honest. There will never be enough money to convince me to sell you garbage! But, if I really like a product, I have no problem helping to promote a company who has improved. I always appreciate your help and support! ❤️❤️


ThePandaPhotographer says:

The RED, Black, and White is 42X42 and the other one is 49×49

Tyler says:

You only put the link to the red one

Johannes Nilsen says:

any reasons you wear this instead of buff for example? what are the benefits?.

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