The ILQ Test Drive: The Ghitra Challenge

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The ILQ team is back with another test drive episode.

Do you know how to wear your ghitra the right way? This week we had the chance to try it with the ghitra challenge.

Watch the video here.

Filmed and edited by: Afroon Afeeza
Music credit: FUNTOMASS

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Imran Mois says:

Good mashallah

ahrsan nazat says:

I wana take this challenge too….


Shout out to my fellow Filipino in this vlog

The Nature man 101 says:

1:26 LOL

Ahmed Abdalla Ahmed says:

The frog style hahaha

Gulf Gamer says:

You spell it ‘ghutra’

happy khan says:

Please make a video on best agal ghutra and best size of agal

jliscorpio says:

1:38 ME!

IApple says:

Invite me it’s very easy

Heddy St George says:

Guess it's not that easy

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