Things to See in Azraq – Jordan, Middle East

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Close DBH presents the final Unplugged episode of the Kingdom of Jordan in the small town of Azraq. Here David brings us to the 8th Century Qasr Amra Palace, a strategically located private fortress once used by the Caliph. Located near the only fresh water source for 12,000 km, this desert castle was where the Caliph would host his private matters, from parties to family and hunting affairs. Tour the interior, exterior and amazing history of this extensive palace, well worth the trip out from Amman. While in the area, also check out the Azraq Wetlands Reserve, home to native animals and fish as well as a main water source for the capital city. Journey through this final destination in Jordan with DBH, learn to wrap a traditional ḥaṭṭah, and recap all the sites and adventures David and crew encountered during this amazing trip to Jordan. Find all the information about Azraq in the DBH Guide: Amman (PDF/Kindle), and even more about the country at The Kingdom of Jordan- Where Have You Been??

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