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Directed by Faris:

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Toronto activists ask pedestrians to look at images from Syria and describe what they see. They are shocked when they find out what these images actually depict: the horrible suffering and trauma of the Syrian people and the widespread destruction of Syrian cities. These atrocities are carried out by the Assad regime. In 2011, Syrian decided to rise up against a brutal dictator. In 3 years, Bashar Assad has killed over 200,000 Syrians in his attempt to crush the Syrian revolution for freedom. Please share this video and use the hashtag #SaveSyria.

Thanks to the amazing volunteers who helped make this video
Rand al Aboudi
Laura Keigher
Randa Hisham Adel
Lobna Hisham Adel
Ahmad al Mutairi
Habiba Maher
Aya Amr
Derar Rezk
Abdel Aziz al Ghoul
Marwan al Asali
Mona La Gitana
Khaled al Maliegy
Adham Khaled
Marwan Mohammed Ali
Joud Ghazal
Henry Lowe


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