Unveiling the Future – Israel/Palestine

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September 2010

The political context of Israel may be set to change forever. Yet as a growing number of Jewish women reject the age-old tradition of the headscarf, a local battle tests Israel’s capacity to change.

The headscarf is a defining Jewish tradition, symbolising a woman’s marital status. As times move forward, more women are turning to an alternate way of covering their hair without covering themselves – the wig. The controversial issue, “This is a very divisive issue, because women want to be beautiful and look good”, has been challenged by Orthodox Jews. The wig in itself has also caused more conflict, “The wig shows quite clearly who you are and what social class you belong to”. This argument goes deeper than just a hairstyle – as the women of Israel stand up against tradition and social expectations.


OstanAbadeh says:

Evolve to eliminate rules you don't like? You either follow some rules or you don't.

Minka Mori says:

fucking weirdos.

O K says:

@belardo80 – not really. They just evolve, as against Muslims and some religious Christians, who don't

Gena H says:

Nice to see that covering your hair is not a big deal and there is enough freedom in the torah law that allows women to feel good and cover their hair at the same time no matter the background. You can go from a wig one day to a coloured tichel the next to a beret or a hat.. whatever your preferences and liferstyle.

Asma Benguerrah says:

now that's ridiculous. People mock muslim women who cover their hair and no one says anything about a WIG , "which is worn even in front of kids"

redarrowhead2 says:

@belardo80 Many religous Jews shave their heads before putting on a wig.

redarrowhead2 says:

@MuslimApostle people are saying that about the muslims in europe every single day


Most of u people need to really stfu. This isn't about Muslims Christians other religions or the Pali Israeli conflict. This is about woman and wigs vs headscarves and how we choose to cover, how we chose to display modesty. Carry ur stupid arguments elsewhere .

Tahloube S says:


History started millenia before the Israelites ever sat foot in Palestine. Canaanites, who are Arabs BTW, were there since 3500 BC. Jews are only one of the many peoples who inhabitted Palestine and they didn't stay for long.
Palestine is the land of those who stayed and built a life and an identity all based on the land as their own and part of the region.. Definitely not those new heartless settlers from all over the world.

Jovitinha says:

@MLIF99999 @Freedom Valentine Islam is like Taoism?? I agree with MLIF99999. You don't understand Islam and has no idea what Taoism is. Period. Taoism focuses on nature, one's relationship with humanity, with the cosmo. They also make sacrifices to their deceased ancestors and Gods (idolatry, as any Muslims would put it) and they do not interfere with state policy, ever. It does not constitute in any part of their belief.

ian octavo says:

@FreedomValentine Taoism is only spritual philosophies too, I could prove that, the prove of this that there are Never sharia of Taoism from taoism verses had been established as country's law! So you are wrong, even Taoism is purely spritual! GET LOST ISLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FreedomValentine says:

@MLIF99999 i would be able to answer your query better if you considered your syntax a bit more. and we don't know if jesus and moses advocated or even ordered political invasions because they are dead. all we have are accounts of them, with several lacking credibility. the objective of each religion is different. judaism and christianity were purely spiritual? sure, but islam is different. it's a way of life, like taoism, and so includes instructions on everything. even a country's law.

ian octavo says:

@FreedomValentine NOW, I ask you something, did you ever see sharia of Jesus or sharia of jews FOR MANY COUNTRIES? The answer is THAT JESUS OR MOSES NEVER ORDERED this kind of POLITICAL invader order! I honest and confess to you that church is possible play on politics, BUT IN CHRISTIAN OR IN JESUS SPIRITUAL AND POLITICS ARE SEPARATED WHILE IN ISLAM POLITICS AND SPIRITUAL HAD MIXED TO BE ONE!!!! AND BY THIS TERM ISLAM IS A FALSE RELIGION!!!!!! Please NEVER BOTHER OUR RIGHTS WITH SHARIA ISLAM!!!!

ian octavo says:


alejoeisabel says:

@FreedomValentine The Jewish "need" for a homeland was manufactured by the Zionist. Many Jews were forced to immigrate to Palestine when the doors of the US were closed due to American Jewish pressure to Roosevelt in the 30"s.

FreedomValentine says:

@MLIF99999 if you look at europe before the industrial revolution, the church was a major stakeholder in the political scene of many countries and so politics and spirituality were mixed in these societies. does that make christianity false? israel is a country based on the need for a jewish homeland as stated in their scriptures- or so they say- and so spirituality has been used as a foundation for the sustenance of a political entity. is judaism false then?

FreedomValentine says:

@MLIF99999 for god's sake, stop generalising. also, i specialise in islamic fundamentalism, honey, so i should know it better than anybody else. if you're sick of islam, go ahead. but before that, ask yourself how much you really know about sharia and to what extent it should be enforced. if you read the quran, you will see that every law is meant to be discussed and debated by the clergy AND the common people before it is enforced such that everybody is happy.

ian octavo says:

@FreedomValentine NOW, I ask you something, did you ever see sharia of Jesus or sharia of jews FOR MANY COUNTRIES? Or did you ever know that Jesus or Moses ordered THEIR follower to establish Jesus verses (sharia of Jesus) or Jews verses (sharia of Jews) FOR MANY COUNTRIES AS LAW OF STATE? the answer is THAT JESUS OR MOSES NEVER ORDERED this kind of POLITICAL invader order! coz I tell you what that the TRUTH RELIGION is purely spritual BUT THE FALSE RELIGION had mixed SPRITUAL & POLITIC AS ONE!

ian octavo says:

@FreedomValentine Nope before you reply this to me I think you have to study more about islamic fundamentalists! Maybe you are true about fundamentalist definition, it is about essentially conservatives, but in islam this kind of fundamentalist NEVER RESPECT OTHERS PRIVACY! I have sick and tired to Islam, I never respect islam again, coz islam never respect others privacy in the name of sharia islam law!

ian octavo says:

@FreedomValentine Hei, that is why I struggle to fight the establishing of sharia islam in all nations, same with al qaeda, hizbut tahrir international and others islamic fundamentalists group, they are want to establishing sharia islam law in many countries, and yup I agree that all of those islamic fundamentalist group is a sad bastard! I think wet dream is ONLY our shadow imagination, but this bastard islamic fundamentalist problems is very REAL!!!!!!!!!!!

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