What Are Palestinian Children Reading in Their Textbooks?

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THE RUNDOWN | The EU is investigating the problematic Palestinian textbooks that are being used to teach 1.3 million Palestinian children. CEO of the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education speaks, Marcus Sheff speaks with Nurit Ben and Calev Ben-David about the recent findings from this report.


Tnn Dll says:

Why do we let anti-Semitic Palestinians come to the west again?

Prince Saimon Hosen says:

God bless philistine Muslim

Roberto Augusto Gómez Loenzo says:

Israel cares about the UNESCO? That is weird, isn't it? They left the UNESCO in 2017.

jason4275 says:

Makes me wonder what children are reading in Iran or North Korea.

ToDie4 says:

Question to be asked is what horrors do the Palestinian children have to go through to even get to school? How many days in a year are they totally forbidden to even go to school?

Barnita Makhal says:

Those are not innocent heads of Mother nature to love and propagate life.
This women are not Mother Teresa who will nurture life for creation and propagation, rather they will break a family, snatch a father and husband and live in a polygamy relationship with a married man bringing chaos and stress to children's psychology and family when they will be crying for Father's love. They will enter as sisters ( serpents) in your family and then ask for sharing your husband simultaneously in a polygamy family and give psychological problem to the children. They did PhD in husband and father snatching and Post Doc in breaking a family, M.Sc. in causing family quarrel.

They are brains of hatred worse than every species on Earth. Tarek Fatah brought to public attention, this education style of preaching hatred for Hindus in Pakistani schools, and when International community would raise concerns. As, usual the Pakistan government will lie and cheat and show them a different book with a different syllabus.There are many interviews of Tarek Fatah where he has shown the true face of Pakistan and Pakistanis hate him for speaking the truth.

John Bosco says:

Programming the young minds!

st.favour Augustine says:

From one comment here u know the damage has been done for decades, all the youths have been thus incited and how are u going to change it? Brainwashed from childhood that's terrible.

Is like training a child with English to 18 years and then at 19 u want him to stop speaking English, the only language he knows. This is wickedness at the highest of it, these kids not only were they brainwashed but the seed of bitterness is sown in them from childhood, how can u tell a little kid from kindergarten that killing is a way of life and expect him to stop when he gets to adulthood. Very sad situation. If u give these guys a state of their own what do u think will be the lifestyle when 70% have been brainwashed with killing and hatred. Just asking.


Good morning European

Daniel Peña says:

You dont investigate what everybody already knows

777 12 says:

Text books from cover to cover should and will include 3 phrases. No need to add more :
The " Synagogue of satan " state will be exterminated.

Kourosh Hakhamanesh says:

Cut the funds. It is embedded in Islam and Quran.

Solving Politics says:

No other people other than the Palestinians raise their children for Jihad. See results below:

X W says:

They are learning never give up on Jihad, a life dedicated to martyrdom is best for all Palestinian children! No Palestinian child should reach adulthood, they all need to die as martyrs for the PLO, Hamas etc!

Harry D'Amour says:

I wonder what they teach the Zionist Israeli children

Dan Roley says:

i24 news…you may be the first unbiased media team breaking this news.
America has recently seen a jihadist kindergarten in ( Philadelphia) singing jihad hate 'kill' hymns.

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