XGO Shemagh (USA Made!)

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The XGO shemagh is USA made, and comes with lots of features. The XGO shemagh is flame resistant and has Ag47 anti-microbial protection to keep odors at bay. XGO is a fully USA company and is berry compliant meaning nothing leaves the USA, not even their thoughts. As you can see in this test in the video the XGO shemagh is fully flame resistant, including the frills on the end, except the tag. The colors I would like to see expanded and the tag makes noise and is white and goofs up the shemagh with not being the same color. Overall, this is going to last a long time and do you well. At $33 bucks I would like to see the price come down a tad, under $30 would be a great price point. Berz Rating: 90/100


About XGO:
We are a tactical base layer apparel manufacturer located in central North Carolina (just a few miles west of Fort Bragg). We use a ‘vertical’ model of manufacturing that is in full compliance with the Berry Amendment—which means that every aspect of the process is carried out in our localized facilities right here in the USA! Unlike our competitors (that outsource their processes overseas), all of our designs, sources, production, shipping, marketing and management are handled within a 15-mile radius of West End, NC. As proud as we are of that fact, it also allows us to maintain “hands-on” quality control—ensuring that we continue to deliver the best possible products and value to our most important asset—our customers.


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